SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term used in connection with major search engines e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa. Actually there are hundreds of search engines but by far the most popular is Google.

At the end of 2013, Google’s search share was 66.9 percent search market share, Bing continued to grow its market share to 18 percent, Yahoo’s search share in October 2013, was at a low of 11.1 percent.

Freewebsite4u will set-up your google “tracking code” and sitemap which allows search engines to find your site. We will also install a best of breed SEO plugin and optimize your site.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For an additional charge we will further enhance your site and pretty much guarantee a top 10 listing on Google.

Quality internal and external linking will be the most important aspects of SEO

Penguin has been a scary monster for many an SEO and website owner for the last few years, and for good reason. Google normally releases the dreaded penguin only periodically, which means if you get penalized, you have to wait until the next run to set things right in search.

Google is now set to make this part of the core algorithm, which means we will see search indexing of new links (penguin related) in real-time. This will have some great side-effects for SEOs and marketers. It will mean you will quickly know what is working and what is not (whether you have been naughty or nice!). So this certainly makes our lives easier when it comes to SEO as we can react more quickly.

With a constant focus on links within Google’s core, it also means we have to pay more close attention to the nuances of links.

  • Ensuring we don’t over-focus on anchor text keywords.
  • Getting only quality links from external sources (contextual if possible, but of course a variety is always good).
  • And then there are the internal links, which are also powerful if used the right way – don’t forget about those.