The Process


Description Theme Content Extras
Step one - description
Freewebsite4u offers a free website (Design and delivery)

Step 1
- Describe your requirements by calling us on 0741 854 393 or email
- We will design your site based on a Theme
- Specify your additional requirements
- With 2 days your website will be ready
- Fine tune and off you go
- Hosting and email is provided at R100 per month
Step two - Theme
Step 2
- Choose one of the beautiful Premium Themes we offer
- Check the Themes on the free services menu option
- We have extensive knowledge of all themes and can recommend one
- Send us your images and some text
Step three -Content
Step 3
- We will help with content by using royalty free images and our extensive Photoshop library
- If you have specific images to use, please email
- We may have to resize images and request this, but generally we can use photoshop
- If required we can provide photography to assist you at a small charge
- For text and copy, please follow the pages we create and supply your OWN copy
- You can review all content and request changes including menu options free of charge
Step four - Extras
Step 4
- We provide many additional services to help you and your website please discuss with us
- eCommerce - we can create a "shop" for your website, however we will need merchant details from your bank
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - if you want to be found on google etc we can assist
- Social Media - all freewebsite4u link to your existing Facebook Page / Twitter Account or we can create for you
- Photography - we have photography equipment for wildlife, sports and macro photography
- Plugins - there are many "plugins" that can be utilised with your site like this one for process flows
- Bulk SMS / EMail - for marketing and support we can offer these services at very competitive prices